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The X5 (surround) crossover is an example of the many custom builds done for clients over the years. This custom unit has the ability to bi-amp the LR-RR-C Speakers. The LF and RF Speakers are 3 way. All filters have the ability to be changed in frequency in 1/6th Octave increments and the slope of the filter can be 6, 12, 18 or 24 dB/Oct (each of up to 4 sections). This was to achieve very tight control over the phase alinement of the speakers in the crossover region.
The X5 Crossover utilizes 44 plug in NPNG Designed discrete class A amplifiers and 28 filter cards. 15 Years later, the system is still in service with no reported problems.

NPNG can design and build discrete class A audio subsystems for many applications:
*Audio Distribution systems
*Audio Line Amplifiers and Multichannel DI Interfaces
*Filters and Equalizers
*Signal Routers
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