MP Series Block Diagram and
Pre-Amplifier Specification

MP Specification 2 and 4 Channel Versions

NPNG QMP-4NW and DMP-2NW Pre-Amplifiers
Architecture:                                                                           Typical Performance:
  Transformerless Fully Differential Balanced Inputs                  EIN Better Than -127dB 20Hz-20kHz @ 40dB Gain Unweighted
  Balanced Outputs Using Jensen "Hi Nickel" Transformers        Residual Noise Below -89dB 20Hz to 20kHz @ 30dB Gain Unweighted
  2 Discrete 13 Transistor Class A Op Amp Stages Per Chan.     Odd Order Harmonic Distortion @ +40dB Gain / 400Hz:
  Discrete* 7 Transistor Fully Differential Front End                    +4dBu to +23.5dBu Below .001%
  Min. Gain 30dB, Max Gain 74dB (to produce "0" VU)                Onset of Clipping +24.4dBu
  Input Attenuation "PAD" Variable -4 to - 40dB Range              Input Impedance 5K Balanced
  Phase Reverse on Front End                                                    Inter Channel Crosstalk Below 85dB 20Hz-20kHz
  PPM Meter Ballistics                                                                  Amplitude Flatness +/- .05dB 20Hz-70kHz @ 70dB Gain and +4dBu Out

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